Friday, March 8, 2013

God or Medicine? Part 5

God has allowed the events of time to reveal this so called church worlds nakedness, hypocrisy and shame.  Since the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in this country in the past 100 years, it is evident we have not stood for none of the word of God in truth and even more what we as preachers claim we believe.

Now here it is this government's mandate with penalties and backed by the Supreme Court without no mention of the Holy, Sanctified, Apostolic, Pentecostal and even none of the major protestant churches of being exempt from this penalty.  Why?  Because the government talk, sing, shout, pay money, take money, play church in the name of God but really don't believe nothing that is pertaining to the scriptures.  So much so, quiet, defending and supporting a law that requires us to do what God has said He alone does - I am the Lord that healeth thee and not patch you up.

Taking man made remedies with side effect do more harm than medicine itself.  Going to doctors and hospitals is like going to a body shop to be worked on and yet not cured or healed but merely treated. 

In response to this blog and the message for the hour with its appeal to turn back God, should have already been given, yet the evidence against us is still there because we as the so-called church and believers rely on medicine rather than God and prefer to be taking to the emergency room than to the altar to wait on God for our healing and deliverance.

Now our first amendment of religious freedom has been sidestepped because the government allows us to have religion but don't believe in trusting God to do what God said He can and will do for those that will obey and love him.  Amen

Remember, the just shall live by faith and not by sight and whatsoever is not of faith is of sin.  Because we are divided, now spiritually we as a so-called church have been conquered.  I want to encourage the few of us that has been faithful or at least realize I have not been as I should to renew your faith, respond to this appeal and let us that are strong bear the infirmities of the weak and be willing to conform to God's plan and watch God show himself strong in the behalf  of those whose heart is perfect toward Him.  Amen.

God bless!

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