Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God or Medicine - Part 6

I have many things to say and to judge of you but He that sent me is true and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him.  This fall away, no return to God road, complete apostate, backslidden and we have entered into a realm that we have never been before.  Just like Israel, having crossed the Red Sea, God having destroyed the Egyptians in the sea, delivered, set free not one feeble person among their tribes joy and true deliverance.

Now the condition of keeping the victory, deliverance, joy and the dance is found in these verses.  Exodus 15:25-26 . Like then as now, you can't go back even though you might want to therefore in order to maintain this new found walk and relationship with God and not to find yourself in spiritual and physical bondage again, you must take on the standards of Righteousness and True Holiness.  Amen

Diligently hearken to God - do that which is right in His sight.  Give Him an ear to His commandments, keep His statues, then you will never have to be concerned about disease and sickness.  Amen

Until we repent and return to our first love as with the Israelites so is with us, our years are and will be spent in a wilderness of trouble, vanity, leanness, sorrow, despair because of being stubborn, rebellious, disobedient and unbelieving.  Think about this aspect, we came to God 50-20 years ago God healed, delivered, saved and baptized us with the Holy Ghost and fire and now, we have conditions and illness we did not have before.  So basically, we as they, are still at the waters of Marah and God has tried and proven us that we are still not fulfilled in, with and of Him, not satisfied with provision and the way he wants us to walk and go before Him.

God wants us like them to be of His spirit, mind and heart.  To do this, you love and have the Word and the Holy Ghost, this is the pattern or mold of God.  If your life is not based on this it is not of God.  You can't appreciate God until you have rules, laws, judgments, commandments on your life without this you can't be molded or patterned after God. Amen

Therefore, sickness and disease and spiritual trouble comes on people that are not of God, sinned against God or are enemies of God.  People how long halt we between obeying God and trusting in man - Jeremiah 17:5

Renew yourself afresh and come back to God before He turns a deaf ear and He laughs at your calamity for He is calling and you are not answering.  You will call and He will not answer - Proverbs 1:24-31

God bless.

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