Monday, March 4, 2013

God or Medicine?

This blog is intended to appeal as to many that has an ear to hear what the spirit saith to the church before the Lord's coming draws nigh. 

Since this affordable care act and before it seems that with all of the big name preachers nationally and locally and certain ones that proclaim to have the "whole" truth to date as I am aware of not one has cried out against this law that is fine for the world and those that rely upon that system, but not for us that depend upon God, pay tithes, profess to live for God.  We have all this Holy Ghost and fire and yet we go to hospitals and doctors more than anybody.  At the end of the day, we have to pay a penalty as individuals not as a church organization for insurance, when we already have health insurance by the promises of God.

Please be advised.  I am not speaking against government, authority and laws of the land that we are privileged by God to obey.  However as the Apostle Peter says that we are to obey God rather than man.  We should not have a problem with petitioning this system through our government to exempt us or be included with the Amish, Mennonite, Christian Science who do not carry insurance, but they pay for their communal dues to care for each other.

Moreover, this blog is not for battleground or debate.  This is an appeal.  If you are concerned, and understand this appeals to you as a friend I welcome more of your type of response rather than criticize my view on doctors, but "the faith that was once delivered unto the saints" as per Jude 3, Exodus 15:26, Deut. 7:15, James 5:14-15.

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  1. Praise the Lord,

    The question was always gonna be, HOW CAN WE KNOW IF WE ARE NOT TAUGHT? It is true that the message can only accepted through and by faith, but faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. Jude 3 emphasizes the 'faith that was once DELIVERED'. That means this quality is not inherent, it is not an IN-BUILT thing, so we thank God for people like you. But hearing and knowing is not enough, the question is: How do we 'walk' our belief?

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    1. How do we walk our belief? We walk by accepting what the word of God says as it is written. Receiving the conditions that for this supernatural relationship that enables us to not falter from His will and way, and that is if the word says it, that's it. As well as stated by the Apostle Paul in Acts 20:32, your inheritance is among all them that are sanctified. As long as you are associated and involved with people that are not as the Bible says of like mind, then you can not possess this level of Righteousness and True Holiness because it is still written -- The just shall live by faith and I am the Lord that healeth thee. It all goes back to I John 1:1-4 -- and the life was manifested and we have seen it, so therefore we must take on this life as it is written believing the scriptures and having a clear understanding of them.

  3. Amen! Another question and most certainly an issue that went on unnoticed for a long time is what I call 'titling' or giving someone a title. For example I go around and almost everyone would call me 'Pastor' or 'man of God'. Which spirit is operating here because most of the time I would be arguing with people and say DON'T CALL ME A PASTOR. And its not just the people, my former Pastor used to call me Bishop and I used to reject that title but there is some moment when I ask myself 'What is going on?'

  4. It appears that there are two things going on. You are either carrying yourself as though you are in a Pastoral (BISHOP) manner, or is that you are a part of a circle that is into giving out titles to make more of a person than they are.

    As pertaining to the man of God, that is a serious statement to give someone due to the fact that in the Old Testament the man of God was a prophet. They were specifically chosen, approved and interwoven with God thereby, they were of God. You need to know or you should have known by now who you are in God and with that, rejecting what you are not should be easy. But to not accept who you are and what you should be doing that's what is going on.

    Feel free to contact me directly at 803.359.9052 that I may assist you in other Biblical truths and spiritual direction as it pertains to you.

  5. Praise the lord,

    God is the Healer, I'm a witness. The past 5 days my legs were almost frozen. Someone said it might be a mild stroke. I said to myself I will not use my medical-aid benefits but I will trust in God, it got worse I got sick my whole body, my voice was gone. But something inside me told me that God is a Healer and that if I can go to a doctor the whole condition will get worse but I thank God I obeyed that still voice inside me and when I woke up this morning I was whole, well and healed, I can even speak clearly again. I just want to praise God because it is only through His word that I had faith in Him. I trust in God!

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  7. Praise the Lord Brother Lawrence. Thank God for the great testimony and a confirmation of the message that if we only hear what the Spirit is saying unto the church God will show himself strong. As He said, I will take all sickness away from you.

    I hope that this testimony affects others and causes others to respond as a result of the blog/message as well as your testimony. Keep the faith and stay with God! Serve Him in spirit and in truth. And always remember that God can and God will take care of you. What God can't do it can't be done. And what don't do, it won't be done.

  8. Praise the Lord,

    I should be available and able to make calls from this Saturday, God willing. At the moment I'm still dealing an sorting out the after-math of the encounter. I'm learning that whenever you take a step in the right direction you'll start to have many challenges as Paul said in the last part of 1Corinthians, that a great door for effective service has been made wide open for me and there are many who oppose me. But I know my redeemer liveth, and I'm strong in the Lord

  9. Praise the Lord

    Jeremiah 10:23
    King James Version (KJV)

    O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.

    It is only by His grace that I have finally taken the steps to follow God and trust in Him, entirely. I always heard about total surrender but I never thought it could go this far: I always relied on medical interventions, that is why I was always spending my money on what we call here in South Africa: Medical Aid. But if you read my previous testimony where I was suspected to have had a 'mild stroke' because my legs had 'frozen' and I could hardly move. I was tempted in many ways to consult a doctor which I never did. I trusted God, that if He can't heal me, no one can. And I was later healed, by His word.

    I have since taken a step to cancel my Medical-Aid benefits with my Employer, which they had said it is compulsory for every employee, but Apostle Bateman said to me that if I want to and I believe in God, they should make an exception for me, and when I approached them, they quickly said: No problem, we can make an exception for you! Praise the Lord, A time has come for us to cling to His word and trust in HIM.